About us

Non-governmental professional organisation – Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers (LTVA) was established on 22 March 1994.

Memberships in International NGO:

  • TEGoVA, The European group of Valuers Associations, since 1995.

The main aims of LTVA are:

  • to organise a qualified system for valuation of different property and capital;
  • to take care of training of specialists for valuation of property and capital;
  • to accumulate and provide methodical and other assistance including information on valuation issues.


  • LTVA now has 150 members: professional appraisers and their assistants.
  • LTVA also unites property and business valuation companies.

Governance of Association

  • Management bodies of Association are the General Meeting (the Conference) of Members, the Board and the President.
  • Particular activity fields coordination is held by six Commissions:
    Immovable property valuation;
    Movable property valuation;
    Motor vehicles valuation;
    Business valuation;

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